I developed a love of photography at a young age, when my supportive parents gave me my first camera. I have been taking pictures ever since. I put in a few years of working on high school yearbooks. I created “trip reports” with lots of pictures to share with my friends whenever I would travel. I created a yearbook for my family for several years. And when enough people told me: “you should sell your pictures”, I created this webpage!

My background: I have a B.S. in Physics, and came within a few classes of double-majoring in astronomy. My academic background sparked a deeper interest in the technical aspects of optics, as well as a fascination with the stars. I enjoy using the camera to capture phenomena that the naked eye often can’t quite see (aurorae, airglow, the colors of nebulae… to name a few). My interest in technology led to several years working in the software industry.  This has helped as photography has transitioned to digital and post-processing with software has gotten more sophisticated.  

Throughout my career, photography has always been a passion. I do it simply because it’s fun.  That said, it is very gratifying when people ask if they can buy or share one of my photos.  The first time I sold one, it was a humbling experience.  I hope that you enjoy looking at them, and I appreciate your taking the time to read about me!

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email: marc@marcallenphotography.com